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WOW Parenting is the Indian Parenting App that helps you deal with your daily parenting challenges and mentors you in raising & nurturing a champion child. The WOW Impact on Parents, Teachers & Children: • It has helped over 10,000+ Parents. • Transformed Lives of about 1 Lakh Children. • Trained over 1000+ teachers in over 300 Schools. Wondering if you should try our parenting course for your child's parenting & nurturing? You Should, if you are a parent: - Who has kids in the age group of ( 3 years - 18 years) - Who is concerned about the upbringing of your child - Who is a MOM or a Single Caretaker of your child? - Who needs assistance in dealing with daily parenting challenges like discipline, anger management etc What are the means in the WOW Parenting App to help you with your challenges in Parenting? WOW Parenting app offers videos, blogs, insights from parenting expert, engaging parenting community, parenting workshops, QnA and consulting with expert etc. Our parenting course is structured to develop a parent's skills & help the child through different phases of life: Toddler Phase Child Phase Pre - Teen Phase Teen Adulthood What sort of topics, challenges & solutions you will find in the WOW Parenting App? Just like everything in nature, parenting is also made up of five elements as below: • Social behaviour of kids • Performance & academics • Intelligence (IQ) • Communication skills (of parents & children) • Emotional skills & quotient What you will not find on WOW Parenting App? WOW Parenting does not provide support/help for pregnancy issues or a child's & infant health/development related issues. Key Features of the Wow Parenting App: • Expert Guidance: Get a response to all your queries pertaining to parenting, health care, and bonding from our Expert Panel comprising of Psychiatrists, Authors, School Principals & Celebrities. • Community: Learn from the experience of other verified parents facing similar problems, talk to them, interact, share bond & grow. • Videos: Get access to Over 300 + Videos that help you in developing your parenting skills, dealing with children, and growing as Parent via Do's & Don'ts, Tips, Case Studies etc • Insight into the world of Celebrity Parenting: How did Prakash Padukone raise his daughters, What are the challenges faced by Indira Nooyi when it comes to raising her children etc • Live Videos & Offline Events: Get Access to Over 50+ Live Sessions, and 2 - 3 Offline Meetups wherein we talk about topics like Digital Addiction, Anger Management etc • A Scientific & Intuitive Parenting Approach: WOW Parenting is structured and designed to address the parenting needs & challenges scientifically via intuitive learning, based on the inputs of our Parenting Expert Narendra Goidani and of the WOW Parenting Community. • How to Nurture a Champion Child: All our Parenting Modules are primarily designed to address & nurture the child needs pertaining to Social Behavior, Performance, Identity, Communication & Emotional Quotient. • Test & Evaluations: WOW Parenting App via its elements of Quizzes, Q & A and Gamification will help you in evaluating your understanding, provide you with improvement tips, test your aptitude in different case scenarios, whereby ensuring your growth and development as a Super Parent. • Easy & Digestible Formats: Get Tips, Challenges and Guidance in Short Video, Ebooks & Comic Strip/ Infographic Formats. • Curated Content: WOW Parenting creates & curates content from the web in various formats like Blogs, Jokes, Scenarios, White Papers etc tailored for your Parenting requirements. What parents say about their journey on the WOW Parenting App: "Most of the knowledge shared is digestible, easily implementable and most importantly fruitful. This application has helped me connect better with my teenage daughter." - Priya Vidhani Download the must-have parenting app and Join the network of 10,000+ Parents today!
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